ctivities To Do With Your Temperamental Teens

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There will come a time in your life where your child will reach a certain age. They are no longer adorable bundles of joy that constantly want your love and affection. Somehow, they turn into temperamental teens that want to have nothing to do with you. They become super private, they respond with one words answers, and they always seem to be in a mood about something. – Welcome to the oh so special teenage years, everybody. Having said that, they’re not all bad, you will sometimes be blessed with moments where they feel like your little baby again and they have a giggle with you and actually look like they’re enjoying your company – relish in these moments, because they don’t always last very long.


If you’re looking for ways that you can bond with your teen while doing some fun activities with them, then here are a few ideas to get you on the right track. Remember, every teenager will have different interests, so go into this as a trial and error process. If one activity isn’t going down well, keep trying until you find something that does.


Video games

Let’s face it, what teenager doesn’t play some sort of video game locked away in their room all day? But if you’re the one that suggests something new that they may have never played before, you may just find yourself in their good books, and who knows, you both may enjoy playing together. If you know your child likes fantasy adventures that take them on a virtual, magical journey, then have a go at A New Empire game. This allows you to build a kingdom and protect it from all possible threats. You can battle monsters, find hidden treasures, and even connect and make friends online.


Road trips

If you have a free weekend and the weather’s on your side, then why not take your vehicle and go on a mini road trip. Your teen may not be overjoyed with this idea to begin with, but don’t give them a choice. This is a brilliant way to bond and explore. Give them the option of choosing where you want to go. You can even camp out somewhere if you have the gear, or stay in a cute B&B overnight, and then carry on with your adventure the next morning. You can go wherever you want to, so think outside the box and discover a new world together. You may even communicate a lot more than you normally do while you’re away, and you might find a lot of interesting things about what’s going on in your child’s life. You may even become… Friends.


Now you have a couple of ideas, have a go and think of a few more. You have nothing to lose, the worst they can say is no. But remember, you’re the parent, and they will always be your child. Even through their moody years, the love will always be there forever.

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