Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape from King Buick Gm.

As a car enthusiast, you need to be aware that leaving your vehicle unused for a long time can hamper its performance. Auto dealerships often try to add “maintenance products”, as they call it, to the final bill during a car purchase, but rest assured you don’t require them. Spending unnecessarily on getting your car to run normally can be avoided if you follow a few tips.

Here’s how you could promote auto luxury living by keeping a few pointers in mind:

If you engage the handbrake over an extended period of time, the brake parts can get stuck to the discs of drums, so the best way to prevent this is to utilize wheel chocks so it doesn’t roll, and ensure the automobile is in first gear.

Remove spark plugs and squirt oil into the sockets before putting them back again. This is done to keep the moisture away so the interiors of the cylinder-head don’t rust. Fuel additives can be used since they form a protective layer on the internal components of the engine.

Clean carbon fiber parts thoroughly to wash out the dirt and grease from them before you start driving again. It is imperative to ensure they are cleared of any residue and debris.

The fuel tank could get rusty if left unused, which could be avoided if you fill it up to the top with premium quality petrol along with some additives. Please make sure the tank is sealed tightly before leaving.

If you are going away for a long vacation, it is advisable to remove the battery and spray petroleum jelly or grease on the terminals and the wire ends to check corrosive buildups. Charge the battery and top up the water level, and make sure to store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Examine the tire pressure to verify if they are inflated properly, as this prevents cracking of sidewalls and flat spots. Don’t forget to look at valves and valve caps to check for leaks.

Oil and air filters should be changed since used oil is loaded with moisture, metal filings, sludge and other caustic elements. Put in fresh oil and new filters, and drive the car for sometime to circulate the oil inside.

Even though some of the steps might seem unnecessary, they are immensely helpful and will shield high end car parts from getting damaged and keep their shelf life intact.

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