Wubba Fulla Balls #MessFreeFun

wf67My son was so excited when we received the Wubble Fulla Balls. We had the chance to review The Wubble Fulla Marbles and Wubble Fulla Slime. I love the fact that these balls they are part of the Wubble  family of products that includes Super Wubble, Tiny Wubble, Super Wubble Brite (a light-up Wubble for playing in the dark), Wubble X (a helium-filled “anti-gravity” ball that can hover in mid-air) and Water Wubble (refillable water balloon balls that splash, but don’t pop). This is great because my son and his friends were playing with a splat ball and had it pop and liquid went all over my new couch and hardwood floors. It made such a mess. The Bubble Balls are mess free.

wbThe new Wubble balls come in three super squooshy sizes: Huge (5″), Big (4″) or Tiny (just under 2 ½”)! Each size comes stuffed with either slime or Magic Marbles – colorful and squishy round balls made of a super-absorbent polymer that absorbs water. Whichever you choose, once you pick up Wubble Fulla, you won’t want to put it down!

We had a lot of fun with these new Wubble Fulla. I love the feeling of the squishy slime one and the marble filled one was actually stress releiving to play with! Kids and adults can have sensory fun with these squishy balls. My son and his friends were not gentle with the balls. They did not pop or get destroyed. I was very surprised. (Wubble Fulla is NOT indestructible and should be kept away from sharp objects and abrasive surfaces. The manufacturer recommends not playing with the toy near carpeting and upholstery. I’m so glad you didn’t have a problem with it but the balls are soft and can get punctured or played with too roughly.) Zac can not wait to get the bigger one. I also was very surprised on how many times he dropped the balls and they didn’t get all debris stuck to them. I would definitely recommend getting The Wubble Full Balls.wb6

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