The Super Spinner Swing #PlayMonster

swingMy son has always wanted a swing. As myself and my husband did growing up. We never really had the yard to be bale to come through for my son but, now that he house has been redone and the yard is getting ready to be used we can finally put up a swing for him. My nieces and nephew have a disc swing and they love using it. 

As the warm weather is near we had found this new swing that is called “The Super Spinner” from PlayMonster. It is considered a contemporary upgrade to an outdoor swing.

The round curved disk (swing) has a curve to it helping to secure little ones in the most secure part of the seat. It comes with adjustable double braided ropes and a weather resistant clip. The super Spinner is designed for a much safer, more comfortable ride. I love the size as It keeps the little ones more in the middle. Super Spinner holds multiple patents and is designed so kids can swing and spin from a tree, a play set or a secure structural beam.  Swing, spin and soar – swinging will never be the same. We had it hanging from our tree but, it is much better having from our deck.

swing1It is easy to install and made with durable materials, Super Spinner swings are built to withstand the elements.  A small hole in the middle of the seat allows for water drainage.

swing3There are two Super Spinner versions currently available. The original Super Spinner is perfect for one or two kids, engineered to hold up to 200 pounds; available in green, blue, red, purple, pink and yellow. The Super Duper Spinner allows for more fun with multiple riders, and even adults, with a weight capacity of 650 pounds; available in hunter green only. Prices are $49.99 – $89.99; for ages 3+.

We haven’t had the best weather this year so far. My son can not wait to be able to go on it. He has invited his friends over to play and is super duperly excited to show it off.

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