Quality Time: Great Affordable Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids

The summer is a beautiful time to spend with your family; however, there’s also nothing like it to remind you how expensive your kids can be. There are plenty of options when it comes to activities and day trips for the little ones, especially at this time of year. However, daily outings to Disneyland or an array of other expensive theme parks are things that very few parents can afford. In fact, one family outing to any sort of theme park or attraction seems to cost a small fortune; the bigger your brood is, the more out of pocket you’re going to be.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to occupying your little ones over the holidays and weekends; you might just need a helping hand to find an idea. The following are some tips, tricks, and ideas for your family to enjoy themselves during their free time, so that you can save money and have bucket loads of fun, as you make some great memories.


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Get Creative!


Whether you manage to get away for a vacation, or are staying at home for the duration of the summer; there are always going to be rainy days when the kids seem to be climbing the walls. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to start collecting a box of goodies for art and craft days. Encourage the kids to delve into paints, wool, glue, paper, and foil, and get them to express their creative talents at the table. Pop down some newspaper so that they can get as messy as they like, and use up some of the energy they’d usually save for outdoors.


Why not invest in an affordable instrument, like a ukulele, and spend time helping your kids to learn some new songs; you can check out sites like www.musicianauthority.com for some ideas. You can add to the creativity of your kids and craft box all year round so that there’s a plentiful supply if the weather isn’t great. Sunny days can also be crafty ones; set the kids up outside on a blanket or at the outdoor dining table so they can strum their favorite songs, paint what they see, or create art from dried leaves and various things they find in the garden.  


Have Some Kitchen Fun!
Kids love getting stuck into something messy, and if it’s edible too; you’re onto a winner. Take advantage of special offers on fruit and veg in various supermarkets, and get your little ones at the kitchen counter and making some tasty treats to eat over the rest of the summer. Fruit like watermelon and banana can be frozen with a lollipop stick to create homemade ice lollies; they can be dipped in melted chocolate for extra fun and sprinkled with nuts and dried fruit. Along with the time you’ll spend chopping and creating the tasty treats in your kitchen with your little ones; you’ll be saving money on the often expensive branded iced treats found in the shops, not to mention reducing the refined sugar your kids won’t be eating. Spend a morning creating a garden or park picnic with your mini chefs, before taking a blanket and eating al fresco. You can pretty much create the same lunch food, like sandwiches, chopped carrot sticks, and chips, that you’d eat normally. However, putting the picnic label on things makes it instantly more of an exciting treat and your kids will relish their involvement in the process.


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