Why Get Extended Automobile Warranties?

Why Get Extended Automobile Warranties?

With every new car comes a vehicle warranty whereby you are covered for repairs based over a certain period of time. While the warranty from the manufacturer differs from brand to brand, you can get extended automobile warranties so you don’t have to shell out huge amounts on repair work.

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What get an extended warranty?

What extended automobile warranties do is allow you to extend the warranty that comes from your manufacturer, or in the case of a used car improves on whatever warranty is being offered by the dealership. It is totally up to you as to whether you want to purchase extended automobile warranties, but it is advisable to do so, as people often fail to realize that it offers better protection in the long run.

What does it entail?

Parts and Labor Coverage

Extended vehicle warranties in the past covered only for the labor but not the parts. But the scenario is different now – for every dollar you spend on labor charges in your service department, you are spending 1.5 times that on parts. With extended automobile warranties you are covered for genuine replacement parts and labor.

Protects from Unplanned Repair Expenses

Car components could require attention at any given time. For instance, engine and transmission repairs can often run into thousands of dollars. While manufacturers strive to make their vehicles more reliable, the potential for an unexpected and costly repair always exists. An extended auto warranty can easily pay for itself after just one major repair.


If you decide to sell your car and have extended automobile warranties in place, it helps to attract the buyer because they are fully transferable. So the offer is extremely lucrative – a car along with solid warranty!


You get to save money in the long run because an extended car warranty is essentially financing potential repairs at below costs. Depending upon the coverage chosen by you, there might not be any out of pocket expense to you. So the cost of the repairs is merely the monthly premium you pay for your warranty. In most cases this is much more reasonable than the charge would be without a new or used car warranty. Regardless of how many times your car is sent in for repairs, these warranties can’t be cancelled nor can the premium be raised.

Don’t hesitate – get an extended warranty right away and guarantee long-term protection for your car!

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