Tips to Purchase a New Car from Speedway Auto Group

Tips to Purchase a New Car

Buying a car is definitely on everyone’s bucket list at some point in life. Accomplishing this feat surely makes you feel elated and happy, which is compounded when you go on road trips with loved ones.

But the process of buying a new car isn’t all that easy. After all you can’t just walk into a random dealership, choose the vehicle, and drive off! Here are a few tips from Speedway Auto Group that will come in handy- here goes:


As per experts you should assign 20% of your monthly income for all vehicles in the household, which includes operational costs such as fees for gasoline and car insurance payments, along with monthly loan amounts that need to be cleared.

Interest Rate

Make sure you can qualify for the zero-percent and low-interest-rate deals offered by manufacturers, although it might be better if you accept the cash rebate and get financial assistance externally. Research thoroughly so you can get the best possible interest rate. There are various tools available online that can help you out.

Brand New!

Used vehicles mean you can select for a better car for less money, but you might not know the vehicle’s history, the warranty period is shorter, and the interest rates are higher. You will have to shell out more for a new car and even though it means fewer features, you receive a full warranty with low interest rates, as well as maintenance and roadside assistance totally free of cost.


Please don’t buy a car that you can’t afford simply because the salesperson sweet talks you into it or your friend has a similar vehicle– you will regret it later on. Exceeding the budget is a strict no-no. After you are done short listing your choices, find out ownership costs, which depend upon your personal situations too. Use online tools for calculating affordability.

While you can get good deals from a dealership and the test drive might have you hooked on a particular model, find out if there is a catch. Dealers usually get a commission if they are able to secure a car loan from customers. Don’t be taken in by ridiculously good offers as there is almost always a catch. Please don’t hurry – take time to go over the paperwork, read fine prints carefully and ask questions whenever you don’t understand anything. Research and weigh pros & cons before reaching a verdict – it is worth the effort!

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