The Tile Style helping you keep track while staying in style

tileI am always losing things. I like to say I misplace them. We have always joked about if it is not attached to me I will eventually lose it. Well, not any more. The Tile Style is the perfect way to find all my things while also being in style. This little life saver has helped me out so much since I received it. I lose my keys all the time. I even had lost the remote that starts my car. I still haven’t found it so, I had to buy a new on that cost me over $180.00. A very expensive lose. Now if I had the Tiel attached to it I would be able to  find it within 200 feet.

The Tile is very easy to use and very easy to set up. The Tile is also waterproof.


Find your things fast

To find anything you put a Tile on, just open the app. Ring it if it’s nearby. Check the map for its last known location. Or ask the Tile community to help you find it.


No maintenance ever

We engineered each and every Tile to run an entire year without an ounce of upkeep. No charging. No replacing batteries. No nothing. And when it’s time for a new Tile, our replacement program lets you upgrade yours at a discount, so you’ll always have the best finding technology at your fingertips.


Find your phone

Phones are easy to misplace. Tile makes them easy to find. Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent. You can even log into our website to find it on a map or make it ring.

tile1I am so glad I have the new Tile. You can attach it to your purse, keychain, luggage anything you can think of. The Tile would have come in handy for my Father inlay. He had lost his case with his fishing rod last year while he was on vacation. If he had the Tile attached to it he would have been able to GPS it and see where it was. Maybe I will have to get him one for Father’s Day. Lost you phone? You can even find your phone. I have the Tile set up to the app on my son’s phone. He had misplaced his phone last weekend at a party. He searched and could not find it. We simply just double pressed the tile and the phone rang even though he had it on silent. It had fallen into the couch. These mighty, little Tiles help give piece of mind.

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