My son loves R/C cars. He has a gas powered one and several battery powered cars. His new favorite car is the Turbo Panther. This car has a working suspension which is great getting up rocks and a hilly terrain like we have here. It also has the ability to reach top speeds of 15kn per hour. which allows him to be able to race with friends. The acceleration is pretty good so the Turbo Panther is able to move off from 0 to 9.3mph pretty quick. The car also has a pretty good torque so the Turbo Panther RC car can handle dirt and muddy terrain without worrying about moisture thanks to the battery/power compartment being water resistant. Which also makes it more fun to play with when it is able to get over obstacles without getting stuck.

rc1For over 60 years Nikko has pushed radio control to the limit! Toy State’s R/C vehicles are tested under the harshest conditions to ensure they have the quality and endurance to keep up with whatever you dish out.

rc2Zachary has been playing with the Turbo Panther non stop. Another great thing about this car is that because it is water resistant you can use it even after we had a little rain.

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