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huluI love bath and beauty products. My favorite is bath bombs. I have a huge collection of them. When I find ones I like I like to stock up on them as I take a lot of baths. It helps not only relax me but, is very good for my skin as I have psoriasis and the baths help moisturize my skin.  Recently I received the Mermaid collection by Hullu. It includes the body mist, scrub, spray lotion, body bar and my favorite the bath bombs.

Body mist: Hallu Mermaid body mist is the perfect combination of citrus, sea air and floral notes, allowing you to escape to a beautiful ocean atmosphere. With peony and amber, you’re bound to feel swimmingly.

  • Sea Salt Citrus fragrance mist for body, hair, and clothes
  • Reusable bottle in the shape of a mermaid tail to add a splash of magic to your vanity

Mermaid scrub: Gently exfoliate and scale down your dull skin cells with the Hallu Mermaid Scrub. Shea butter and safflower oil will leave your skin nourished and magically soft… sea for yourself!

  • Made with walnut shell for gentle exfoliation, while sea kelp leaves skin looking radiant
  • Moisturizing shea butter and safflower oil nourish and soften skin

Spray Lotion: Unique and refreshing, the Mermaid Sea Spray Lotion is made with nourishing sea kelp for maximum hydration and glowing skin. It’ll leave you looking fresh and radiant as if you immersed from the deep blue itself.

  • Spray body lotion that applies evenly for maximum hydration
  • Made with sea kelp for radiant, glowing skin

Scrub and Body Butter Bar: Hydrate and exfoliate with our 2-in-1 Mermaid Scrub and Butter Bar. The combination of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, seaweed and sea salt will leave you swimming in dewy, soft skin.

  • 2-in-1 hydrating and exfoliating body bar
  • Coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, seaweed and sea salt
    leaves skin clean and dewy
  • 95% naturally-derived
  • TSA-compliant
  • 12 uses per bar

hulu2Bath Bomb:The Hallu Mermaid Bath Bomb will immerse you in sea-like swirls of green and blue reminiscent of a tropical lagoon. Be swept away by the mystical scents of citrus, peony and amber.

  • Floats, spins, & bubbles
  • Embedded with swirls of green and blue to transform your bath water into a rich, tropical lagoon
  • Sold individually

My favorite of course is the bath bomb. I really like the way it transforms the water with the pretty colors and fragrance. Really works well. Better then many bath bombs I have used.

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