Finding a Family-Friendly Car

Finding a Family-Friendly Car

Buying a car for your family? Not only do you have to keep budgetary concerns in mind, but also consider safety and well-being. This aspect lends seriousness to the family car quest that simply doesn’t exist if you are shopping for a sports or luxury vehicle.

Here are some pointers from Trinity Dodge.


As mentioned above, safety of your family is a top priority. While checking NHTSA and IIHS crash safety ratings is a good start, don’t forget to go over electronic driving aids offered by the vehicle for this very purpose. Some features include lane departure warning, blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control with auto brake.

Size of Family

For instance, if you have one infant child, your needs are very different from parents who have several children. In case your children are older, their transportation accommodation will vary accordingly. Please keep in mind that you might want to add to your family with more kids and pets. Plan these changes in advance to avoid inconveniences in future.

Place of Residence

What environment does your family live in? Are you in the snowbelt where every winter is an endurance test? Do you live where it seems you have as many rainy days as sunny ones? Do you live in the desert where heat and dust are the major features of the climate? These questions are necessary in order to determine if an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive is best suited for your requirements.


It isn’t wise to spend most of your savings on a vehicle just because it is your “dream car”. It is critical to your family’s financial health that you understand before the purchase how much you can comfortably afford to pay. Dealers will make it easy for you to spend a lot of money you don’t have on a vehicle, so it is your responsibility to know what is best for the future financial needs of your family. Don’t fall into a purchase that puts you beyond your means. Look hard at your savings, your income and your future prospects as you plan your vehicle purchase.

You can’t walk into any dealership without conducting thorough research beforehand. If you wish to choose wisely and strike a good deal for your family, go online and find out more about the make and model you want. Read expert reviews on all current vehicles, consumer-owner reviews, precise cost to own and transaction price data, and estimates of your current car’s value before coming to a decision.

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