Benefits of Automotive Tinting

Benefits of Automotive Tinting

Nowadays it is common to find window tinting in most cars. It not only imparts a polished and luxurious appearance, but offers a host of advantages as well. It is a must-have accessory that varies from very light tint film to ultra dark tint.

Here are the benefits of automotive tinting from Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep – take a look:


Don’t want intruders to peep into your car? Window tinting helps you achieve that purpose. Not only does it keep prying eyes at bay but it also keeps your valuables secure. If someone with malicious intent doesn’t get to see the inside of your car, they won’t be tempted to attempt stealing your laptop, cell phone, tablet, or any other item of value in your absence.

Stop UV Rays

It reflects the sun’s rays away from the interior of the car and provides UV protection. Unprotected windows only reject up to 28% UV rays at most, while a car tint provides up to 99% protection. The colors and shine of the car’s interior doesn’t fade as readily because of this UV protection. Tinted windows also reduce the risk of skin cancer for drivers.

No Overheating

Sun rays produce heat that causes temperatures to rise inside the car. The heat can reach unbearable temperatures in warm climates and may cause upholstery to flake and peel, or dashboards to crack. Expensive leather interiors may dry out and crack too. Extreme heat also causes chemicals in the upholstery to be released into the compartment that pollute the interior of the car when heat is high. Automotive tinting reduces up to 80% of the heat that causes this pollution. Not only that, but it increases the efficiency of the car air conditioners because interior temperatures stay much cooler.

Prevent Glares

Regardless of whether the glare comes from direct or indirect sunlight, it leads to extreme strain on the eyes, which can eventually affect eyesight. It can happen due to sunlight, sunlight reflecting on snow and oncoming headlights in the darkness. Get your windows tinted to reduce glare and make driving easier and more comfy with unimpaired vision. Tinting helps to reflect the rays from the window and decrease its intensity (when it penetrates through the glass).

With the increased risk of skin cancer, fatalities caused due to sudden glares, etc. it is best to get your car windows tinted ASAP. It is the smart choice that ensures your vehicle looks great, while offering excellent protection at the same time.

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