tt2The kids love when I find new things for them. Recently I had found towels that are called Toweltails. You can use them like fins to wrap up your feet and legs, wrap them around you like a blanket. They are fun shaped and very colorful. They have mermaid tails in different colors and designs, shark tails and dragon tails.

About Toweltails:

The CEO of The Sensible Collection, Inc has been in the retail & wholesale business for approximately 20 years. At the end of 2016, he felt like he needed a change; he was determined to create a new and innovative product/brand of his own. Being a father, he was interested in creating a product that his own kids (ages 4-14 at the time) would use. A product that he, as a consumer, would buy for his kids.

After months of searching the internet, brainstorming, and attending trade shows, he was still blank. He underestimated the task at hand, and it seemed like everything he thought of already existed!

One day, after a bath, his daughter created her own version of a mermaid tail with her towel. “Look mommy, I’m a Mermiad” she giggled (his daughter LOVES mermaids). His wife thought it was a cute idea, so she brought it to his attention; a mermaid tail towel that you can go inside. He was certain that a product like that already existed, but it didn’t! Mermaids are, and always will be, very popular; it was a great idea! The next step was to figure out how to make them a product that boys can use as well, so he came up with 2 additional styles; sharks and dragons!

ttThe rest of the story is boring… coming up with a name, creating the designs, finding the right factory… so we’ll leave it to your imagination.

The most important part about the creation of Toweltails® is that the mastermind behind them is a 4 year old genius 😉 tt1

The kids absolutely love their Toweltails and can’t wait to use them at the beach. You can use them for bath time, by the pool, beach. These towels are perfect for girls or boys. My son was so excited to use his. I was not sure at first what he was going to think. He loved it. He has been using it after his showers. I am shocked at how big they actually made it. An adult can use it. Every kid is going to want a Toweltail for this summer !

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