Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring Travel

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring Travel from Chrysler Of Culpeper.

With the onset of spring, your vehicle is ready to be treated well after a long, hard winter so you need to ensure it is properly serviced for traveling during this time. 

Here are some tips:

Exterior Maintenance

Wiper blades

You might want to replace old blades or clean newer ones that have gone through the rigors of winter. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months anyway, so doing it during your spring clean up is perfect timing.


It is the ideal time to wax your vehicle so it will last for a while and be easier to clean from here on. You should also repair any chips or scratches in the paint.


Salt that is used to melt ice on roads can be very damaging to your car, so give it a thorough washing from top to bottom. Make sure you rinse the undercarriage as well, because rust buildups often occur.


Check your tire pressure and top up if needed. Keeping your tires at optimum pressure will save you hundreds of dollars as it prevents the tires from wearing out before their shelf life is exhausted.

Engine Maintenance


You should change your oil every 3 to 4 months, so the spring vehicle maintenance is the ideal time to do this.

Fluid levels

A quick check of all fluid levels is a good idea. Make sure everything is topped up so your engine will be running at top efficiency and you won’t have to deal with problems later on.

Other Vehicle Maintenance

Now that the weather is warmer, you can take out the vacuum and get rid of the clutter and garbage that has built up over the winter! Clean out your car’s interior and vacuum for a more hygienic driving ambience.

Checking the brakes is a must to ensure that they are in perfect working order. You may not even realize that your brakes aren’t working properly, which could prove to be fatal.

Your spring maintenance checkup is a good time to review all other areas of your vehicle, replace broken lights and repair any other problems that have been neglected before.

Spring vehicle maintenance is essential for safety, especially when you take long trips. This includes checking out the main systems, fixing up your car and removing the winter salt and grime that can be damaging, as well as replacing parts like the windshield wipers for better visibility.

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