BaconFreak Mother’s Day Gift

baconMy family loves bacon. Recently I had the chance to review Bacon Freak. They sent me a package that includes: 2 packs of bacon, maple pancake mix, 100% real Bacon Bits, Vermont Dark Amber Maple Syrup, maple bacon coffee beans and bacon earrings all in a Full Color gift box. A $69.99 value. It is definitely worth it. While everyone else is getting Mom flowers, cards, and chocolates; you could be giving her this bundle of bacony good breakfast food. You know that your Mom loves bacon. After all, she did introduce you to the deliciously good meat candy. If it weren’t for her, your mornings would be bleak, tasteless, and filled with constant bowls of wheat cereal. So you should show your appreciation for her being the best Mom ever! Get her this gift bundle and promise to put on your cooking apron for her. Wait… You didn’t really expect her to cook all this stuff up for you, did you? C’mon! Make her the best bacon meal ever. We’re seriously helping you out, kid. Now both of you can enjoy bacon together. It’s the best Mother and Child bonding moment we can think of. Now don’t forget to wash your hands first. We know your Mama didn’t raise a fool.bacon freak

They have bacon candy, cups you name it they have it. Why get mom the traditional stuff. Get her something like Bacon Freak that she will enjoy. Everything tastes so good. You know you are getting quality products with a great taste. My son is very picky when it comes to his bacon and pancakes. I made these and didn’t tell him that I changed anything and he loved it. He knew it was a different brand and asked if I could make these more often. He is the one I test when it comes to foods as he is so picky and everyone who knows him knows that.

bacon1About Bacon Freak:  Since 2008 we’ve offered a wide range of everything bacon. Our bacon is made in small smokehouses throughout the country where time and experience come together to make some of the very best bacon we’ve ever tasted. We offer traditional cured, dry-cured, uncured and no nitrate! In addition to our outstanding bacon in a multitude of flavors, we sell gourmet all-natural sausages, links and patties, Big Fork sausages, chorizo, bratwurst, country ham, bacon seasonings and sauces, bacon candy and bacon chocolates, pig novelties, t-shirts, gifts and more! Bacon Freak has a lot to offer on the site from condiments, cooking oils, bacon, of course, a monthly club as well, and much more to choose from. They all sell for a great price on their website as well, something for everyone to enjoy! Who doesn’t love bacon, it’s the best meat on the planet!

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