Fingerlings by Wow Wee

finAre you looking for a fun new friend for your little ‘monkey’? Fingerlings are adorable electronic pets that love to hug fingers and interact with their owners. These super cute toy pets will provide hours of finger-hugging fun. Finding the right Fingerling to wrap around your child’s finger. Get into the action with these cute companions. These characters come in many different styles, and they’re ideal for ‘monkeying’ around. (There’s not really a defined way to play with them; kids just put them on their fingers and go.) The technology in the Fingerlings seem to come alive, encouraging lots of imaginative interaction as kids play. Whether you’re looking for a small friend for your child to nurture or trying to add to a mini menagerie of toy animals and collectibles, these loveable baby animals will be a great addition to your family.

fin1The characters come in a variety of colors and each have their own personality. If you’re having trouble figuring out which one is right for your kid, think about their favorite and color. The collection started out as monkeys, but more animals are being introduced all the time, creating an entire menagerie of interactive pets. You’re sure to find one that your kid will enjoy. Or a bunch; these are priced so they can be collected.

These cute creatures react and interact according to their nature. With more than 40 different animations and sound effects, there’ll be a different experience every time your child plays. They’ll babble, blink, and turn their heads providing hours of endless fun and repeat play. Some of them like to be upside down, while others prefer to blow kisses and when you get them together they love to sing with each other. They even burp and fart to entertain the silliest of ‘monkeys’.

fin2Some grown ups may not get how popular these are with kids, but that’s the way these things work. Kids get it, so that’s really all that matters. Check back here often to see reviews as new toys are being introduced, and watch the video reviews to see these appealing toys in action.

The kids love the New Fingerlings. Now they have come out with two toned Fingerlings.One of the hottest toys this year. Put a Fingerling in your child’s Easter Basket.

Considering the very low price and small size of the Fingerlings, it is amazing that they are so interactive. They react to having their heads scratched and they will fall asleep when you cradle them. These finger pets also move their heads and makes noises when you hang them upside down.

You really do get a sophisticated little robot pet for a very small outlay. We think Fingerlings could be a huge hit with children aged 5 and upwards, particularly if they like animals.

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