10 Things Buyers Should Know Before Buying a Car


Buying a car isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly – it is a solid investment that will be around for a quite a few years. Here are some helpful pointers from  Kims Nissan that every first-time car buyer should bear in mind:

Financing needs to be at the top of the list – always calculate the deposit you can put down along with the monthly payment you can afford.

It helps to do some research on available auto loans to get a sense of what you qualify for. A positive credit score will be useful while securing a loan.

Research the cars you might be interested in before you head to a dealership, rather than going in unprepared. There are loads of resources online that give information about cars in your area by make, model, price, body style, and more.

Compare prices in order to ascertain that you are getting the best possible deal. Kelley Blue Book is an excellent tool to find out about dealer invoices and range of prices – it helps you to negotiate prices in a better way.

If you have a trade-in, don’t wait for the salesperson to tell you about its worth. You can easily find out the value beforehand and thus gauge if you are receiving a good offer.

You may want to pass on the test drive if you are familiar with a particular make and model, but it is best not to skip it. Test driving is a great chance to scrutinize the car and guarantee everything is working as it should be without any noticeable squeaks, rattles, or shimmies.

Prior to visiting dealerships, please look for consumer reviews to avoid a poor experience. But good reviews shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. Services like CARFAX provide detailed history regarding the car’s life from first purchase forward, which is exactly the information you should look for.

In addition to checking the repair history on the specific car you are interested in; don’t forget to look up the repair record of the make and model via J.D. Power or Consumer Reports.

Even if it costs you more, insist for an inspection from a mechanic before purchase so you know for sure there aren’t any issues that will plague you later on.

For any new or used car, take the time to get familiar with the warranty package and return policies.

Keep these tips in mind before buying the car, as they will be of immense help in getting a good bargain!

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