Top Things to Remember During Winter Maintenance


Careful attention to winter car maintenance can help to ensure that your vehicle performs well, regardless of freezing, wet, or stormy weather conditions. A well-maintained car is a lot less likely to let you down and leave you in the grip of a cold and icy emergency or breakdown.

Here are some pointers from Reedman Toll Nissan of Drexel Hill to keep in mind:


A regular spot of winter car maintenance should take in the tires, not only for their depth of tread, but just as importantly, their correct pressure. Too low, and they will wear out quicker than usual and being overly high could make you lose the grip they give on icy roads.


The battery is critical to getting you started, yet an old and weakened battery can lose as much as one third of its power in icy conditions, leaving you in danger of being unable to start the car or taking much longer to do so.


As the cold weather persists it could well be worth changing the engine oil to one with a lower than normal viscosity. This “thinner” oil will help the car start more easily while helping to reduce friction and wear by moving faster to those areas of the engine that need the lubrication.


Snow, rain, ice and general dirt from the road can soon wear down the rubber of the wiper blades, so it is worth checking they are working as they should be. Clear visibility through the window is even more important during hazardous road conditions.


A cold engine should be allowed to warm up on idle for a minute or two before pulling away, so that the oil can reach those parts of the engine where it is required the most.


It is shocking how many people fail to check whether the anti-freeze is at the correct concentration. It is unlikely these days that the engine will become frozen solid, but the correct amount of anti-freeze actually helps to keep the engine running at the correct temperature and protect it when it has to be geared up after an icy start.

As you can see, routine winter car maintenance isn’t tedious or time consuming – in fact, it required attention to a handful of details. A little effort could mean the difference between a vehicle that is safe to drive in all that the winter might throw at us, and one that is not.

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