Tips to Increase Automotive Performance


The engine of your car normally experiences wear and tear because of friction that is produced when it is running. This reality is unavoidable and is a part of owning a vehicle. While some cars can go for several thousand miles before showing any signs of problems, there are other cars that need to be maintained every now and then in order for them to function properly.

This is why you need to have regular scheduled maintenance done on your car regardless of how old it is. It generally improves the performance of your car and prolongs the lifespan as well. Tips from Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Take a look:

When having a scheduled maintenance done for your car, the first thing that a mechanic checks in your vehicle is the oil. This is one of the most essential steps in doing vehicle maintenance. Failing to change the oil in your engine would result in excessive wear and tear in your engine since this would increase the friction produced inside it when it’s running. Dirty oil is very sticky and abrasive and can easily cause damage in your engine especially on its valves and pistons. You should have your oil changed regularly so that your engine runs as smoothly as possible and would decrease wear and tear. Different types of oil are needed for different types of engines so never try to change it yourself if you don’t know what type of oil is needed for your car.

Most service centers also offer free service inspection on other parts of your car that needs to be maintained such as the air filter, battery, wipers, tires and the fluid levels of your engine.

Aside from changing oil, you should also have your air filter checked. They prevent dusts and other airborne particles from entering your engine and causing damage to it. Failure to change a very contaminated air filter would cause your engine to suck up more gas than needed and you decrease the mileage of your car.

Another kind of filter that needs to be checked when doing scheduled maintenance is the cabin air filter. This is one of the most neglected parts cars and many car owners are not even aware of its existence. This special filter prevents dust and other particles in the air from entering your interior through your air conditioning system. Making sure that these are properly maintained would assure you that you are breathing clean air while you are inside the car.

Don’t dilly-dally when it comes to car maintenance, as it is crucial for improving automotive performance!

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