The Best Life Experiences To Give Your Children

Your children deserve the world, and as they’re growing up this is the only thing you’re going to be trying to give them. They need to have a range of different life experiences in order to grow as a person. There’s just so many different ones you can give them that will help to do this. Some you don’t even need to spend a penny for, some you will. It isn’t all about education however. It is about the fun things you can do with them throughout their life that will give them something to look back on. As adults we all have fond memories of what our childhoods used to be like. Walks in the park, holidays, days out. This is exactly what you need to give to your child so they also have the same amazing experience to look back on. This article is going to outline some of the best that you can do.

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Travel should play a bit part in anyone’s life. Travelling broadens the mind on so many levels, it frees us up to see parts of the world we’ve never seen before. We know how much it amazes us, but think about how much it amazes your children. They will have only really know the small town you live in, or the country itself. Seeing a whole new part of the world is going to blow their mind. Opening them up to the way of different cultures as well is so refreshing. From a young age they’re easily able to tell the difference between the way that we act, and the way that other cultures do. It is also a great way of opening up their taste palette. Children can notoriously only like to eat chicken nuggets and chips. As easy as this may be for you, it is limiting their diet so much. The more food they try from around the world, the more likely they are to grow up eating a healthy balanced diet. Not only is their food, which is obviously one of the best parts for everyone involved, most of the countries you’d be able to visit on a family vacation have so much history to them. This is so important for a growing child. To experience things like this hands on is going to enrich their minds more than when they’re in a classroom. This family bonding time is going to be one of the best experiences of life you can give your children.


Days Out


These are just as important as travelling. They’re a lot cheaper, and they’re a lot easier to find and do. Just in your local area there should be a few things you can do as a family. Even if it is just a walk through the park and a picnic, it is still giving them fond memories to look back on. A lot of children also love to do educational things, especially whilst they’re young. One of the best places you can take them to is a zoo or aquarium. Learning about wildlife and seeing it close up is just something all children love to do. A lot of these places also have educational talks and days purposely designed for children. Take the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium for example. It is one of the only interactive places in the US that helps to teach children about the importance of marine conservation, and how the work they’re doing is helping to save animals lives all over the world. Making the as conscious as possible from a young age is only going to help them have a healthy mental attitude towards animals as they grow up. There’s also sports activity days out that you can do that will help them get in the mood to stay active. Too many children nowadays spend their time indoors in front of the TV or Ipad, and don’t really have a chance to get out there and do some sports. There are plenty of classes in the US that you can take your child to to help them gain an interest. Or you could just go for a nice family bike ride. The US has one of the worst rates for obesity, so you’re best off keeping them as healthy as possible from a young age.




Whilst this is going to be an excellent life experience for your children, it is also going to be one for you. The chances are that you’ll have never done anything in the way of volunteering before, but it teaches so many valuable lessons that you’d be missing a trick if you didn’t do it with your children. There are so many people out there that are less fortunate than us. The rate of homelessness in the US is constantly on the rise, and shelters are constantly in need of donations and volunteers to make sure that they can continue to run. Even if it is just one or twice a year, it is all going to add up and help. It’ll teach them to be selfless, and understand some of the world issues that people are facing. It’ll also hopefully teach them that hard work does pay off. You’ll be changing the lives of other by volunteering, and this is one of the best life experiences you can give your child.


Nothing beats the memories of running around with your friends pretending to be your favourite characters, or fighting like pirates, or being a tea party like princesses. These social skills from such a young age are so important. The more friends your child has, the more likely they are going to know how to deal with different situations as they get older. Learning through play is also one of the biggest ways in which children do learn. So letting them play outside, or even just have their friends over is going to create fun memories that they are never going to forget. Just make sure they’re always playing fair, and always being the best person they can be.

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