Stylish socks for men with over average size feet

sockSometimes it is hard to find clothes, sneakers even socks. Especially when you when you have a bigger size foot. Sneakers are special order and finding socks that not only fit but are also stylish is also hard. Well not anymore., an online fashion brand that caters to the big and tall market, providing socks for men with big feet, shoe sizes 12-20. It’s a category that has been severely underserviced – until now! Family, friends and significant others with tall men in their lives can finally gift them with an accessory that helps them express their personal style.

sock1You can view the entire collection in 8 different styles here. These are perfect for Holiday Gifts.

About: was created in response to the market’s need for fashionable and comfortable socks for men with large feet. The logo, however, symbolizes the heart of our mission.
When we first met with our designers and manufacturers in October, 2016, we realized we had something very special to convey; we had experienced first-hand that only with the help of “community” can you rise above a tragedy like 9/11. With that as our catalyst, we set out to create a meaningful logo that would represent the brand and give a subtle nod to the World Trade Center.
Excited by our meeting, we immediately began to brainstorm. Our first concepts started as doodles on paper napkins as we sketched potential symbols. We knew the logo had to feature the “T” and “O” in and it had to be simple yet strong.  Equally important, it needed to raise awareness for Tuesday’s Children and capture the commitment to our mission.
From those initial sketches, the Tall Order logo was born.
sock2Featured on the ankle of each Tall Order sock is a sky blue, embroidered logo – chosen because the sky on 9/11 remains so vivid in our minds.  It acts as a memory we all share and a constant reminder of the responsibility we all have in helping each other through traumatic times.  Everyone who dons a pair of socks is truly “fit to stand tall.”

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