Make Soft Serve Ice cream at home

iceIce cream is a family favorite treat. We all like different flavors. I love soft serve ice cream. Now you can make soft serve ice cream at home. The Ice Cream Depot SX1000 Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is quick and easy to make your favorite flavors at home. Professional-quality soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen beverages are now available right at home, with the Ice Cream Depot SX1000 Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine.

And what’s more: it makes batch after batch, in just minutes! No bowls to freeze; just pour in your mix, set the timer and walk away.  Dispense when you’re ready — it’ll keep your soft serve cold for hours until you’re ready to enjoy.

  • World’s first commercial-style at-home soft serve machine
  • Makes full batches in 10-15 minutes, over and over again (no bowls to freeze!)
  • Keeps batches cold for hours until ready to serve
  • Fully protected by 6 patents
  • Completely automatic, practically self-cleaning
  • Makes 35 ounces, (1.125 quarts) of frozen product (roughly 8-10 soft serve cones)
  • Makes either soft serve, slush drinks, milk shakes or adult beverages
  • Computer controls temperature and freezing based upon which product is selected
  • Measures less than 11.5” W x 15” H x 13” D
  • Weighs approximately 45 pounds

This machine makes having soft serve ice cream at home, offices, rec centers, camps, or schools easy. It only takes 10-15 minutes to make a full batch. No waiting all day for the ice cream to be made. The unit is not that big. Especially when you are making soft serve ice cream in your home. The machine came with 5 different mixes. You can make shakes, frozen drinks, frozen yogurt, sherbert and ice cream. If you go on Ice Cream Depot’s site they have recipes to make all different flavors. They are easy to make.

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