Spin a Bone spinner for your dog

spinMy Harley is always on the move and looking for a chew toy. Usually she doesn’t like nylabones. She does however enjoy the new The Spin-a-Bone, from Bullibone, it is a new spin  on a traditional nylon chew toy for dogs.  Nylon bones have long been a dog toy staple because they do not splinter or break like other bones on the market.  They are also long lasting and usually, after some chomping, little bits begin to form that actually massage gums and keep fido’s teeth cleaner.  The Spin-A-Bone is made from this material but its design is completely unique.  spin1It has 3 arms which form a “y” shape.  It also has a small nub on one side.  If you place the Spin-A-Bone on a hard surface and give it a twist it will spin for quite a long time.  This spinning motion seems to catch a dog’s attention and they seem to immediately want to pounce on it as though it were a small animal.  If the spinning wasn’t enticing enough, the folks at Bullibone added natural bacon flavor throughout the bone and as we already know, everyone loves bacon!  The shape makes it easy for pooches to settle in and gnaw at this tough toy.  Usually they will concentrate on one of the arms while holding the other two with their paws.  As with most nylon chew toys, only small bits might come off of the Spin-A-Bone but Bullibone states that these should not cause any problems if ingested.  The Spin-A-Bone is 100% made and packaged in the U.S.A.spin2

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