My dog’s favorite healthy Treat

Harley is a very spoiled puppy. She is a little over one and she has so many treats. One of our favorites is Whimzees. They are specifically made to help clean the dog’s teeth and they are made out of simple ingredients. The different shapes on the chew are designed to stimulate blood flow in the gums, clean tarter off the teeth, prevent bad breath and have fiber to help with digestion. The best part, their ingredients do not include latex or plastic! Yes, that means they do not last as long, but the safety of my dog is very important to me. 

whi2Whimzees also come in different shapes to keep your dog interested. The unique shapes ensure proper blood flow through the gums and prevent bad breath and the buildup of tartar. WHIMZEES has limited natural, functional ingredients. With no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GMO’s or meat. They are high in fiber and low in calories and sugar. WHIMZEES are produced sustainably.

My dog is very high energy. I need to give her treats that are low in sugar and calories so it doesn’t add to her hyperness. Whimzees are a great way not only to clean her teeth but keep her occupied while she enjoys a delicious treat.

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