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lnlEveryone loves candles and soaps. How about chemical free soaps? Finding soaps without chemicals that dry out your skin are very hard to find. Lather & Lights not only has handcrafted candles they also have chemical free soaps. They are also very pretty.

lnl3I was able to try Winter Wonderland soap. Very pretty looking. This winter wonderland scent is tucked into a cabin in the midst of snow covered pine and cranberries. Top notes of winter berries, middle notes of ozone and bottom notes of juniper and pine makes this a very clean and unique scent. You’ll want to smell it all year round! it is made of saponified oils Palm, Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter, Caster, Fragrance, and Mica Color

lnl2Death By Chocolate is scented like a chocolate cupcake fresh from the oven loaded with yummy, sweet, rich fragrance that will scent your bathroom and shower for a long time. This is a chocolate lovers dream come true with a colored ball on top. (assorted ball colors) Each contains apr. 10 ounces of Lather for a squeaky clean feeling.

lnl1The candle is beautiful. All hand made. I have watched people make these and it is amazing. This is a carved candle. The top of the candle has a opening and hold appr 2-3 ounces of candle oil. After pour the oil in, then the cap with wick is set on top. You light the wick and burn the oil. This will save the candle and provide beautiful lighting both at the top of the candle and the side that have been carved out. The oil is refillable. You can use unscented or change it up and get scented.

About: Our business started as a hobby by a RN. Many families members have assisted to move into a quality product at a reasonable rate business. We pride ourself with chemical free soaps. Each master piece is hand dipped and carved to make one of a kind  carved candles.

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