Dashcam Vivitar

vivOne of the best gifts I had received last year was my Dashcam. I am pleased to be sharing the Vivitar High Definition Dashcam. It features :

  • 90-degree lens captures crisp HD footage, while the microphone provides quality sound.
  • 2.4″ preview screen.  Allows you to see what is currently recording as you are driving.
  • Camcorder rotates — face it forward while you are driving and in reverse during traffic stops.
  • Provides incident detection with a G-Sensor that automatically saves footage of collisions and incidents.
  • Night vision mode lets you takes quality video with a built-in flash.
  • Suction-cup mount keeps the DashCam secure on your windshield or dashboard.
  • Includes microSD slot to retain footage for future use.
  • Powered by your car’s battery through a USB port.  No need to worry about uncharged batteries.

viv1I really wanted a dashcam after I witnessed a car accident and It would have been so much easier to show them the video. Another time I had been driving when an out of control women started honking and almost hitting into my car with hers. I ended up pulling over and letting her pass. She proceeded to do the same thing to other drivers. I went to the police station with my recording from the dashcam and they ticketed her. I am so glad I have a dash cam it can help you in so many situations. The swivel mount allows you to turn the camera during traffic stops and record. viv3

With the Holidays here this is a great gift for parents, teens or that new driver.

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