Khortytsa Platinum vodka and Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot Vodka

khorKhortytsa Platinum vodka is one of four vodka varieties produced in the Ukraine at a distillery that was built in 2003.  Their others include De Luxe, Honey Pepper, and Ice.  Khortytsa is the largest brand in Eastern Europe, and the third largest vodka brand in the world.  Platinum is made with the finest grains and water filtered though reverse osmosis, silver, platinum, schungite, birch and adler tree charcoal, and quartz sand.The aroma is citrus and grain.  The creamy grain entry builds to a lemon forward peak. The fade is warm and spicy with wheat and nutty rye flavor and a semidry mineral finish.  This is a smooth and clean vodka with only a hint of charcoal/anise taste on the finish that will not only make a great cocktail, but Khortytsa Platinum is very tasty served chilled.

khor1Wake Up and Dance

2 Oz. Khortytsa Platinum Vodka

3 Maraschino Cherries

1 Oz. Chilled Espresso

1 Oz. Milk

1/2 Oz. Simple Syrup

Chocolate Bitters

Muddle cherries

Add Ingredients With Ice and Shake

Strain Into a Chilled Coupe Glass

Garnish With Cherrieskhor3

khor2Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot Vodka

Ukraine’s first vodka with natural whole pepper inside! The formulation ensures a maximum delivery of red-pepper piquancy while retaining its natural and rich flavor. Many people value this vodka for its warming and health-giving qualities. Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot combines green-mint coolness, red-hot pepper, and the mild, smooth flavor of lime honey.Khortytsa—that is best in the world of vodka. This vodka embodies a philosophy of total quality. Khortytsa contains high-quality raw materials, the latest technology, and a unique bottle design that is admired in the world centers of industrial design and by the best experts in the industry.

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