Elena Of Avalor Celebrations to Remember

elenaThe new Disney DVD, “Elena of Avalor: Celebrations to Remember” includes six episodes of this colorful and musical series. The episodes focus on festivals that are suitable for this time of year. In “A Day to Remember” everyone celebrates the lives of their deceased family members. This is especially difficult for Elena’s younger sister Isabel who misses her parents and is depressed about their passing. But it’s Elena who inspires her to remember the good times and keep their memories alive within herself. Elena discovers she has a special power to see ghosts on this day. So, she ends up helping a ghost connect to her family and yes, she even sees her own parents, who look at her with pride. Even though this is the day of the dead, this Halloween in Avalor is filled with hope for the future.

elena2The next episode, “Navidad,” focuses on the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, there are several parties planned for the same time so unraveling this sticky situation is not easy, but Elena always finds a way.

And Isabel is going to a real school for the first time. Being castle-schooled was great, but now she wants to be with kids her own age and make new friends. The problem is that she is so smart some kids make fun of her. And in order to fit in with the “boss” kid, who thinks he runs everything at the school, Isabel decides to change herself and become like him.

But changing yourself isn’t how to make friends, as she soon realizes. Being true to yourself is the only way to live.

There are three other episodes included on this DVD: “King of the Carnival,” “My Fair Naomi,” and “Captain Turner Returns.” A special bonus is an Elena locket included in the box. This gold-tone locket comes with an 18-inch chain. The front of the locket, which measures one inch in length, has an engraved flower. Being a working locket it opens up and on one side is a photo of Elena. The other side is empty so your child can place any picture of herself or her friend or family inside. The lobster-claw clasp is easy to open and close.

My son loved this DVD he has watched it over and over again.

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