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The times are changing and we rely on our phones, tablets and wifi compatible equipment. We no longer are stuck sitting at a computer in our house or office. We can get internet just about anywhere. Unfortunately, that means that each of those electronics can be potentially hacked making your personal information vulnerable at anytime, as well as your little one using those electronics.  People tend to forget that most phones, smart TVs and tablet don’t have antivirus or a firewall protecting them.  While it is possible to download something for each electronic with how many devices we use around the home making sure that they are all secure can be extremely difficult.

cujo1 Cujo has made this all much simpler.  Cujo is a firewall device that connects directly to your internet Wi-Fi router, protecting every device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network no matter what it is. Cujo also comes with an app that allows you to see what devices are being protected and what threats have been blocked.  I really enjoyed using the app as it gave you a full view of what is going one with your network no matter how far away you are from your home.  Cujo runs directly connected to the internet and your router it is constantly monitoring traffic.  Most importantly to me since we work a lot from home is that Cujo does not slow down your internet, it is built with 1 GB ethernet which means you can still do everything you do without slowing down the internet.

cujo2One of my favorite options is the security. Cujo allows you to customize parental controls. You can create different profiles for each different device you have in your family. Which lets you restrict sites, control the amount of time on the internet and even block sites. This is very important to me as my son is constantly on the internet and it is impossible so be watching over him every second.

The Cujo was very easy to set up. Cujo can be purchased for as low as $99 not including a monthly subscription.  If you purchase the $250 package you get Cujo and do have to pay for the subscription at all which for me represents the best deal.  If you would like to get yourself a Cujo check it out here.


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