Back to School fun with Silly Scents by Crayola

cray2Back to school time is here. I have been shopping getting all the stuff needed off the school supply list. Markers and colored pencils are on the list. I only buy Crayola products because they work, are vibrant, easy to clean off clothes and surfaces. 

Crayola has always been my go-to brand with their bright yellow and green packaging, timeless legacy, and innovative washable products. This year they are bringing even more fun to school projects, creativity, and your supply needs. In addition to their classic lines of Markers, colored pencils, and Crayons they have added an extra element of fun: Silly Scents! Silly Scents aren’t brand new across the board, as they introduced this line in previous years, but they’ve expanded how far this line reaches. You can now get Silly Scents in:

  • Silly Scents Washable Markers 6 count
  • Silly Scents Twistable Crayons 12 count
  • Silly Scents Washable Markers 10 count
  • Silly Scents Colored Pencil Twistables 12 count
  • Silly Scents Twistable Crayons 24 count
  • Silly Scents Scented Chisel Tip Markers 12 count

cray1Silly scents include fun scents such has: Blueberry, lemon, cotton candy, marshmallow, coconut, licorice, fruit punch, Caramel, fresh air, and more! The Scents vary depending on the package you pick up which adds to the fun. With their wide variety of products offered in Silly Scents your child is covered for any project that might come their way!

cray4My son loves scented markers and crayons. His favorite is the grape. I remember when I was younger and we had scented markers in art class. We really enjoyed coloring with them. These Silly Scents are a must have for Back To School.

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