The Sky’s The Limit – Planning The Trip Of A Lifetime On A Budget


Every family wants to go away for the holiday of a lifetime. For many families, this could be a few weeks of fun and excitement at one of Florida’s huge theme parks. Or maybe you and your family have always wanted to go on an adventure around Australia or New Zealand. Some families might dream of city hopping around Europe!

But, whatever your idea of a dream trip is, there is one thing that usually stops families from booking: all the money that it costs. If you think that our dream holiday is going to be slightly out of budget, think again. There are actually a few ways you can try and bring down the overall cost. Read on for some excellent ideas!


Fix Your Finances


Sometimes, holidays aren’t that badly priced. In fact, you can find some real bargains out there if you look hard enough. It’s just that they might seem very expensive when you compare them to your own finances. For instance, if you are in debt then everything is going to look very pricey to you! So, it’s worth taking a look at sites including to try and fix your bad credit rating. If you put away some money each month towards paying off debt, you will eventually find that you come out of this debt and can start saving some cash.


Think Carefully About When You Go


Most people know that booking vacations during the school holidays is going to be very expensive. Travel companies know that most families will be traveling during these periods, so they hike up their prices. However, there are some cheaper times in the school holidays. For example, the end of August is always the cheapest time to travel during the summer holidays. Also, out of all the school breaks, the one during October is often the cheapest one to book a holiday in.


Don’t Fly Direct


When you are traveling with kids, you will probably be looking at the most direct routes to get to the destination. That way, you can cut down on travel time, and the kids won’t get so frustrated! However, this is often the most expensive option. You will find it much cheaper if you take an indirect flight and split the journey up. Sure, it takes longer, but just think of the savings!


Stay Closer To The Beach


As this is a trip of a lifetime, you might be tempted to treat your family to an apartment or villa with a private pool. Some people think that going self-catered can make it possible to afford somewhere with a pool. However, this isn’t the case, and any accommodation that comes with a private pool or beach is going to be extremely expensive. So, it’s a much better idea to look for a hotel or apartment walking distance from the beach like That way, you’re not paying for an unnecessary pool!


As you can see, it is entirely possible to have the trip of a lifetime on a budget!

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