Mickey and the Roadster Racers DVD #DisneyJunior

mrsWith Mickey and the Roadster Racers DVD you can join your favorite characters and their high speed transforming roadster cars, as they compete in the thrilling races that stretch from Hot Dog Hills to Hawaii and all the way to London. Even England! They go across the World. You will meet the world’s greatest spy. Zoom through the skies in a revved up hot air balloon race and even return the Queen’s stolen Royal Ruby! It’s all about great friends, a little competition and gearing up for wild fun.

My son is getting older and he still loves watching Disney Junior movies. I love letting the kids watch these shows because they are not only watching a show that interests them they are learning about being friends, competing and having fun.

This DVD features the following episodes:

  1. Agent Double-O-Goof – Goofy is mistaken for a government agent while the Queen of England comes to visit Hot Dog Hills.
  2. It’s Wiki Wiki Time – A big relay race takes place while Donald is trying to relax on vacation.
  3. Ye Olde Royal Heist – Mickey’s reputation may be compromised while he and Minnie celebrate their “racerversary” in England.
  4. Abra-Ka-Goof – Goofy the Great thinks he has turned Gordon Gear into a rabbit.
  5. Guru Goofy – A stressed Donald turns to an existential Goofy in order to help him relax and win the big race.
  6. Going Uppppppp! – Pete and his cousin plot against the gang in an air balloon race.

You can find more at DisneyJunior.com

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