Earth-Friendly Auto Tips #centralavenuehyundai

Earth-Friendly Auto Tips

Pollution due to vehicles is on the rise, which is why efforts are continuously being made to minimize the harm cars do to the ecology. It is important to come up with environment-friendly solutions ASAP!

Here are a few tips from Central Avenue Hyundai that you can bear in mind:

When your car engine is efficient and properly maintained, it conserves fuel and performs better. Take your car for regular maintenance and servicing, and fix an issue as soon as you notice it. An ill-performing engine will burn more fuel, and thus harm the environment.

Check your tires, and make sure that there is correct air pressure inside them. If they are under-inflated, the engine needs to work harder, and will consume more fuel.

Ensure that the air conditioning system is serviced by professional AC technicians only. They have the right tools and equipment to deal with your air conditioning system, and recycle any automotive refrigerants. If you have an old air conditioning system, it might have ozone depleting chemicals that may get released into the atmosphere.

Dispose of fluids and batteries properly. During servicing of your vehicle, you must have the information how engine fluids and batteries can be disposed of safely. Talk to the local government waste management department for more information. Take care not to dispose on the ground or in any way that can pollute groundwater, streams, and lakes.

Avoid “jack rabbit” and abrupt acceleration– Starting your vehicle suddenly with jack rabbit and rapid acceleration can guzzle gas. Don’t speed your car above permissible limits.

Last but not the least, if you have an old car, its switches might be using toxic mercury for activating trunk, hood, glove-box lights etc. These are environment damaging parts, which can be removed and recycled, and replaced with newer non-toxic mechanical switches. There are several organizations that volunteer to replace these switches for you.

Your vehicle must be serviced in an authorized repair center. This is a must so the qualified and experienced technicians can utilize proper equipment and enhance efficiency of the vehicle by putting in correct spare parts and conduct the repairs required. When the efficiency of your car is increased, it also protects the environment from air and noise pollution. Following these tips today, is another step forward to a cleaner and greener planet in future – it is our responsibility to keep it lush and beautiful.

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