Top Preparations for Safe Winter Driving


Winter driving is an absolutely terrifying for some people, especially they live in an area that experiences below freezing temperatures during the winter, combined with sleet, ice, and snow.

Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to make your winter driving as safe as possible – check out these tips from Green Brier Motors:

Stay alert

In bad weather, even the tiniest lapse of focus can send you spinning off the road. This means keeping your phone switched off while driving. It also means keeping both hands on the wheel instead of changing the radio station or digging for a map in the glove box. Avoid drinking or eating behind the wheel, especially a hot beverage. Teach kids the importance of being quiet in the car, so as not to distract the driver from the mission at hand.

Buy snow tires

A brand new set of snow tires is also important if you do a lot of driving in the snow. Get them mounted to a nice set of steel rims to save you extra work when you have to remove them. Snow tires give you improved traction control so you have better control of your vehicle in case you have to drive over ice.

Drive at safe speeds

Majority of winter weather auto accidents are the result of excessive speed. It is difficult enough to maintain control in a winter storm or on icy roads when you are moving slowly. Excess speed can cause your tires, already lacking in traction, to lose their grip on the road altogether. A patient driver is one who arrives alive, particularly in bad weather.

Proper lighting

One of the worst things during winter driving is the visibility, especially during a snow storm. If your car comes standard with HID headlights, make sure they are working! Nothing is worse than a burned out bulb, especially in the dead of the night in the middle of winter. If your car doesn’t come standard with HID headlights, purchase a set. LED daytime running lights are useful if you are driving in gloomy weather during the day.

Maintain your car well

Having your car serviced and checked regularly not only prevents unexpected breakdowns but also allows you to drive more safely on bad roads. Keeping your tires rotated and properly inflated, for example, will provide the maximum amount of traction. Ensuring that your car’s battery is in good shape means you’re less likely to be stranded and unable to start the engine.

Follow the guidelines and drive safely in winter – this isn’t the time to showcase your racecar driving skills!

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