Great new challenge for your pet #Bullibone

bullyMy pup Harley just turned one in April. She is very friendly but is very hyper. She needs toys, chews and bones to keep her occupied. I have seen  the Bullibone brand in stores. Recently I had gotten the New Treat trap by Bullibone. It is the ultimate treat toy. The treat trap is bacon flavored. This trap is made for you to puta treat in it and to challenge your dog to get the treat out. At first start with an easy treat to get out. Then after your puppy figures it out you can change to treats that are different shapes and sizes making it more of a challenge to get out. You can also freeze the treats inside the trap to give your dog an even harder challenge.

bully1The treat trap is a fully permeated natural bacon and nylon chewable toy. My Harley loves this trap. She can play for hours with it. I had to find toys to keep her interested and busy so she is not running all over my house. I had gone to puppy school with her and the trainer had told me that you need to tire her out. Not just by walking her and exercise but, you need to get her to think to tire her out.bully4

Created to be a safer and more fun alternative to rawhide chews, the Treat Trap from Bullibone:

• keeps your dog entertained and engaged,

• satisfies a dog’s need to chew and play, and

• helps to reduce tartar and plaque.


You can find out more about Bullibone.


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