Find everything you need for your dog and hampster at

chewIn my house we have a dog, a hamster and fish. We always need stuff for the animals. The fish not only need food, we need to keep up on the filter items to keep it working properly. Harley is my puppy and Jelly is our hamster. They also need food, treats, toys, and bedding. I have been using for all those needs. I can order from my computer and it arrives at my front door. The prices are great.

chew1This month I had the chance to receive Rachel Ray’s Burger Bites tasty real meat treats for dogs. They look and smell pretty good. They are safely cooked in the USA. There are no grains, artificial flavors or meat byproducts. Harley loved these. She went to the treat bun to try to get some more. Thankfully the bin has a lid on it.chew5


The next item I got was Kaytee Yo Dips. These are for Jelly the hamster. They are blueberry flavored treats. Jelly loves when he gets treats. These are also good for gerbils, rats and mice.


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