3 Top Technologies That Make Savings On Your Bills

Most of us worry about those ever-increasing bills that challenge the limits of our wages every single month. No wonder more and more moms are seeking new ways to make money and innovative ways to save it too. Fortunately, technology is on our side. There are plenty of new ways to bring savings into your home. And some of them might even make you some money!

Here are 3 of the top technologies available to moms that will help you make those savings:

Renewable Energy

The technology for solar and wind energy has moved forward rapidly. And as the idea of solar energy has become more widely accepted, so has the uptake of home solar panels. You might already have some solar powered items dotted around your garden. Security lights, water features, and other decorative garden ornaments can all be powered by a small solar panel. These might be staked into your lawn, or mounted on the wall. Battery-free and completely mobile.


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Your whole home could be powered by the sun too. During daylight hours, solar panels can be used to generate all the energy you need. You might use the oven to prepare the evening meal. You could run all your laundry appliances, all powered by your solar installation instead of the grid. Perhaps you need the air conditioning on with all that heat out there? Chances are it will cost you nothing, reducing your bill from the energy company substantially.

Electric Cars

The technology for electric vehicles has suddenly leaped forward. This has brought the cost of owning a small electric car down to comparable rates of an executive or family car. At the moment you won’t be able to manage a cross-country road trip. Fast charging takes about three hours and might only offer you about 150 miles, depending on the make and model. Of course, you can practice careful driving to extend your range a little. And it won’t be long before affordable models are hitting 400 miles between charges.


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What really saves you money is the fuel cost. They’re electric, so you simply plug them into your mains at home. For some models, this can be done on a standard plug socket. And if you have solar panels, then your fuel costs could be extinguished altogether! Generally speaking, electricity is cheaper per mile than gasoline. That is subject to current market prices.

The Internet

Yes, the internet! Connections to the internet are now fast, regardless of the device or mode of connection you use. How does this save you money on your bills? Most office-based employees can access their work documents remotely. This is great if you’re sent out of state for a meeting. But it also means you can work from home, saving you the commute bill. Fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle and parking costs can be eliminated each day you stay home.

You can also save on your refreshments bill, and laundering your work suit! The same applies to shopping. Order online to save time, energy, and the cost of travel. How much are you saving each month thanks to the internet?

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