Wonder Crew Doll

wc1when my son was little he wanted a doll. There were not many choices to get him a boy doll. I had to get him a newborn doll without hair and dress it in boy baby clothes.  Yes, I also did get him a stroller so he can push his doll around. Now you can get a Wonder Crew doll. There is Will and Marco. I had decide to go with Marco that is dark hair like my nephew. He is going to have so much fun with his new crewmate.

wc2Wonder Crew brings the power of friendship into the world of boys’ play. Our Crewmates combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal. Included with each Crewmate is a child-sized matching-piece of adventure gear. When children suit up along side their Crewmate, this not only adds to the crew-like vibe, but also deepens the imaginative play experience.

wcIt is so much fun watching these two superheroes playing together. The imagination can run wild. My son loves that he is dressed in red.  Usually they have these pastel clothes on.  The doll has a soft body and plastic head, hands and feet. Wonder Crew also offers other Adventure Packs: builder, dino explorer, and chef, and dream (sleeping doll) with some exciting additions available for pre-order. Each adventure pack comes with the Crewmate doll and a matching child-size outfit or accessory.

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