Want piece of mind when you are home or not?

ezI have and alarm system on my house. I also have cameras on the outside but, I never had thought to put them inside my home. I can’t tell you how safe I feel with having the security on my house. I had someone try to break in once and it really effects you. Even though they did not get in it still upsets you. I had recently had the chance to work with EZVIZ. They  are a  consumer and residential-focused subsidiary of Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. EZVIZ builds upon Hikvision’s expertise and knowledge to bring robust, commercial-quality video products to consumers and the smart-home market. At EZVIZ, we are about creating ways that connect you visually to your life. No matter where you are, EZVIZ cloud services and smart home video technology can help you feel like you’re home—right from the palm of your hand.

ez1 I received the Mini 360 plus camera and the Husky. The Mini 360 Plus is really nice. I use this in my dining room which is where my puppy Harley is.  This camera one has is full 360 degree HD Video so can turn with just a touch of a button, has 1080p Resolution and Two-Way Talk. I absolutely love t that I can move the camera around to get a complete look at the room and see what she is doing from my phone. It is simple to use and makes checking on my puppy when I am not in the room or home easy. The night vision is crystal clear which is nice too! ez2

ez4The second camera. The Husky is hooked up to my back deck to my room. I can tell if anyone is in my backyard at any time. It works in the rain, snow or shine and has the option to be set up with Wi-Fi and PoE Camera. It also has a Built-In Storage Slot, features Night Vision, 120dB HDR and 1080p. It stores up to 128 GB which is nice. I have used a lot of cameras and these two cameras are very easy to install and use. I can’t wait to see what other products they have.They are great for pets, kids, etc in your home, office, nursery and more!  I will post more pics when I figure out where I am going to mount the camera.

You can find out more about EZVIZ/ Facebook

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