Beat the Summer Heat While You Sleep

With summer almost in full swing, the temperatures are rising and we’re waking up from bed feeling a lot hotter than usual. This is natural for summer weather, and we’re either sweating like pigs from covering ourselves at night or we wake up a little chilly because our air conditioning or fan was blowing on us the entire night. Whatever you try, it’s hard to strike the right balance between the temperatures and more often than not, sleeping in the summer can become an incredibly uncomfortable experience. So to help you stay cool (but not too cool) at night, here are a couple of useful tips.


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Replace your mattress


One of the first things you need to consider is replacing your mattress. Although it sounds expensive, a mattress is something that is durable and worth every penny considering how much time you spend on it every night. The best mattress to use during the summer is a latex one because it provides the best cooling and most breathability. For more advice on latex mattresses, check this article here for an informative guide. Remember that when summer comes around, you may need to switch back to your other mattress if you want to stay warm, though many people find that latex mattresses are actually more comfortable than the alternatives even during colder months.


Switch to thinner duvets


Unless you like waiting up sweating, swap your duvet or comforter for something lighter and thinner. This is to help you sleep comfortably at night without exposing your entire body to the cold. Despite what people think, summer nights are usually quite chilly and if you leave the fans or air conditioning on, you may end up catching a cold or waking up a lot cooler than you’d prefer to be.


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Use the ceiling fan


Instead of using air conditioning or typical blower-style fans, use your ceiling fan if you have one. The gust of air it creates is a lot more gentle than a fan, and it’s not as cold or expensive as using the air conditioner. Most ceiling fans have two settings, so make sure you’ve set your one to blow downwards (the summer setting) as opposed to blowing upwards (the winter setting).


Install an insect net


Leaving the windows open is a great way to get a good night’s sleep without having to turn on any appliances. However, you might find yourself battling against hoards of insects instead. Having bugs crawl into your house during the night is never a pleasant feeling, so why not install a bug net to let the air in and keep the bugs out? It’s a simple solution for a dreadful problem.


Cool off before bed


Keep in mind that your body is going to be the main source of temperature during the night. If you keep your body cool before you go to bed, then you’ll have a much easier time falling asleep. You can accomplish this by taking a cool shower before you sleep, or running some cold water on your wrists before hitting the sack.

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