Why Is Getting An Oil Change On Time Recommended?



Oil changing is a simple, but important task that car owners often forget about. But regular oil change is one of the most effective and simplest methods for ensuring the smooth working of any car irrespective of its make and model. Atlantic Lexus lets you know why it is important to get an oil change on time.

Why is oil change necessary?

The basic function of the oil in any vehicle is to lubricate the engine and its parts, so the car runs without trouble. It protects other parts from abrasion as well. As time passes by this lubricating equipment gets contaminated due to dust and grime thereby reducing the efficiency of the engine. This affects the previously seamless performance of the car. Oil changes at the right time could prevent this scenario.

Benefits of regular auto oil changes

Gas mileage improves a great deal

This is one of the major benefits offered by routine oil change. If the auto engine oil is not changed for a long time, it becomes less viscous and starts losing the ability to lubricate and protect elements of engine. As a result, friction occurs between moving parts of the engine thus causing wear and tear. On the other hand, new oil is extremely viscous, smooth and allows engine to move smoothly with minimal friction.

Better engine stability and lifeĀ 

This is another advantage offered by regular oil change to vehicle owners. It enhances shelf life of the engine thus making it functional for years to come. A clean engine shows less signs of ageing and offers an excellent performance for a longer time period.

Silent engine

Regular changes of engine oil prevent the parts of an engine from coming into contact with each other. This helps in reducing the noise made by the vehicle. Moreover, it also reduces the temperature of the engine.

How often should the oil be changed?

You will get different answers when it comes to time interval between auto engine oil changes. The time period varies depending on numerous factors. For instance, synthetic oil is specifically manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, so it lasts longer than its conventional counterpart. Thus the time gap of oil change is more for synthetic oils. Yet another point to consider is if you spend a lot of time in heavy stop-and-go city traffic that causes a strain on the engine, an oil change could be required quicker. The mileage should be taken into consideration too.

Talk to a local mechanic or consult an auto body shop regarding how often you should change the oil in your engine for your vehicle. Atlantic Lexus will let you know everything you need to know about car maintenance. Looking for a new or used car? They will answer any questions you have.

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