Is Your Home Newborn Ready?



Waiting for your baby to arrive when your pregnant can feel like forever. In fact, the first and second trimester can go slowly for expectant moms. But when the third trimester comes, it’s time to lift your finger and make sure you are all set for your newborn. After all, it’s likely you have been just buying cute clothes up until now. But it’s time to get some more important bits. In fact, you should consider getting some essentials you need for your home. Here are some things you need to ensure your home is newborn ready.




You need a crib for your newborn


It’s likely you might have already looked at the cute nursery furniture you can get from stores. After all, you can get a cute set which comprises of a cot, a dresser, and a wardrobe. But a lot of people don’t think about the fact their newborn can’t go straight into the cot. In fact, they will be in your bedroom for at least the first six months of their life. Therefore, you will need somewhere for them to sleep in your room. It might be the case that you can find a small crib which will fit beside your bed. Or you could get a moses basket which will also be perfect for your little one to sleep in. If you go secondhand, it’s crucial you still get a brand-new mattress. After all, this will keep your newborn safe and supported in the first few months of their life.




You need a good changing area


It’s also essential that you have a safe changing area for your baby. After all, you want somewhere you can safely change your baby without fear of them falling. And you want somewhere which is clean and tidy to ensure it’s hygienic to clean your little one. You ought to go for a dresser which has space for a changing mat on top. That way, you can quickly change your baby in their nursery. Or you should opt for a good changing mat which will keep them safe and secure while changing in the home. Wherever you place the mat, make sure you get a good diaper bin. In fact, one of these bins often makes the baby essentials list like you can find on After all, it’s handy for collecting the diapers and then getting rid of them as necessary.


You need plug socket covers and furniture corner protectors


You need to take the time to make your property safe before your baby’s big arrival. After all, as soon as your baby starts crawling around, your home needs to be secure and safe. Otherwise, they could end up having an accident in the house. Therefore, as discussed on, it’s a good idea to baby proof your home before your newborn arrives. You should cover the plug sockets with covers which will stop them playing with them in the room. And you should also get furniture corner protectors. After all, this will stop them bumping into sharp edges which could cause an injury.
And remember to clean your home from top to bottom before baby arrives. That way, it will be in tip top condition when your child makes an appearance.

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