How to Keep Kids Entertained During School Holidays

The School Holidays are fast approaching, and soon you’ll have over a month of the kids off school and needing to be entertained. Kids have tons of energy and without that energy being used up, they’re likely to have a riot. No parent wants to deal with that, so the best way to avoid it is to plan. Planning activities ahead of time will mean you’re never stumped for something to do with the kids while they’re off school. This means that they’re happy and you can take a breather while they’re busy. So, here’s a few ideas on how to keep them entertained.



Take Them Out

Luckily, most parents will find that their towns or cities have planned things for children during the school holidays. Whether its outdoor sports, indoor swimming or arts and crafts day, there’ll be plenty going on. Take a look at what’s been planned in your local area and book your kids into classes if necessary. If you’d rather do something else, there’s plenty of things you can do as family outdoors. For example, you could go for a bike ride, have a picnic or take the dog out on a long mountain walk.





If you experience bad weather and you’re forced to stay inside, don’t panic. There’s still a lot of things you can do with your children in the house. Cooking is a great example. There are many choices when you want to cook things with your kids but don’t want to get too messy. Why not try out a cookie recipe? You could also bake cakes or make your pizzas for dinner. This ideal because you all get to sit down and eat when you’re done.


Movie Day

Grab yourself some of the kids favourite films, some popcorn and treat yourself to a hot chocolate. The kids will be engrossed in their movies and you can get on with your to-do list. To make it extra special for them, why not allow them to build a tent or fort in the living room where they can sit and watch the TV? If you’re lucky, they may take a nap too! If you need some supplies to make it all happen, you can find Coupon Sherpa codes here.


The Garden

The garden can be a magical place for children. It may just be the back of the house to you but it’s where they’re allowed to have fun and get messy. If you have a particularly warm day, why not get them some water guns or water balloons? It’s hours of fun for your little rascals. If you think they need some mental stimulation, why not create your own back garden treasure hunt?




Make a Scrapbook

Kids grow up so fast, so why not take the time to build some memories. Take pictures as the kids as doing different activities and at the end of the Summer you can all spend some time putting a scrapbook together. Not only is it another activity for them, it’s a way for you to cherish the time spend together.

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