Helping your dog relieve anxiety

calmz1If you have a pet you probably can tell when they are stressed and acting different. My Coco had sever anxiety when I would leave the house. She would pull her own hair out as a result of her anxiety.  When I was home or when the doctor put a cone on her to see if it would get better. It did get better but as soon as the cone was off she started pulling her own hair out again. Now, I have Harley she is a very excitable dog but, she also has anxiety. I think most dogs have anxiety just over different thing like separation, storms, loud noises, other dogs, strangers, travels and even vet visits.

calmzCalmz is a wearable device system proven to relieve anxiety in dogs. It has an adjustable vest. Make sure to get the correct size for your dog.You want it to fit correctly to get the effectiveness of the hotness and Calmz system. The vest helps hug your dog and is known to help calm them down. The second part of this is the Calmz component. There are different settings depending on your dog’s individual needs and allows you to set the intensity, duration and number of cycles. One you activate the the Calmz unit it delivers a soothing blend of classical music and tonal therapy vibrations that your dog can hear and feel. This Calmz system will help ease your dog and help with the hiding, digging, chewing, vocalizing, pinned ears and panting.

I have also seen a significant change in my Harley when she is stressed she tends to go pee pee on my floor. Since she has been wearing the Calmz system she hasn’t had any accidents.

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