Getting To Know Your Safety Features On Your Car from East Hills Jeep



There is an abundance of safety features in cars these days. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we have several high-tech features to take our pick from. East Hills Jeep lists the different safety options in vehicles. At the time of purchase, you should definitely consider the following so you can enjoy a smooth and safe ride at all times:


Even the least expensive cars these days have at least two front airbags. In the event of high-speed or high-impact collisions, airbags are only second to seat belts in saving the lives of front seat passengers.

Automatic brakes and Anti-brake System

This is a system that brakes the car so as to prevent collision or perhaps prevent the huge impact from whatever is in front of you. Industry pundits say in a few years, this will be one of the standard safety features of cars. The anti brake system lets you reduce skids and violent twists. It enables the driver to stop the car right before a crash without having to worry about skids. Many cars of modern types have ABS. Please confirm this with the seller/dealer.

Blind Spot Detector

If you have ever started to switch lanes but jerked back into your lane because a car was in your blind spot, you will know the value of a new technology called blind spot detector. This feature sets off an audio or visual alert if there is a car in the driver’s blind spot. Some systems can also detect bicycles and pedestrians outside the driver’s field of vision.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

These can help prevent head-on collisions and other catastrophes. Cameras, infrared, radar, and other sensors will be placed around the vehicle in order to determine its relative position in the lane. If you are leaving your lane, a light will flash and a high-pitched beep will sound. Some car models today alert you through a vibrating steering wheel.

Enhanced Visibility

There are some luxury cars offering infrared night vision that can alert you if there are obstacles lurking beyond the reach of your headlights. Some even have adaptive headlights that can shift as you are turning so you can see around curves.

Some safety features are slightly expensive, but you can stretch your budget, especially if it ends up saving lives in the long run. Safety should be the top priority as you are responsible not just for your own life, but for all you loved ones’ as well when they hitch a ride in your car. East Hills Jeep is available to talk about any questions you have. They will be there for any of your car buying needs.

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