First golf set

gs1My son loves to do what daddy does. It is always so cute seeing him try to dress like daddy, want to mow the lawn or play golf like daddy. With American Plastic Toys your little one can be like daddy with their own size golf set made from plastic. Perfect for budding golf professionals, kids can now create their own putting green right in the backyard with the Junior Pro Golf Set. The complete set includes one portable caddy, two putters, two flags, four golf balls, one tee, and two target holes. When the 18 holes are complete, pack the equipment into the caddy and roll off for easy storage and clean up. Recommended for ages 1 1/2 and up.

He was so happy when I gave him his own golf set to play in the yard. He kept saying daddy look I am just like you. It was so great seeing how excited he was over his new golf set.

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