Capture every moment with Monster Vision

mv1Digital cameras are the newest technology that I am just starting to learn about and love. Monster Digital has recently delivered the latest technology in high- performance solid state drives. These are perfect for for the pro’s who demand it as well as the consumer that is ready to take the next step into solid state storage and their valuable content. Monster Digital SSDs are available as external drives for laptop and desktop users, as well as all-inclusive do-it-yourself internal upgrade kits geared for MacBook, and Ultrabook upgrades. Monster Digital has a wide variety or electronics to choose from. Anywhere from Virtual Reality products, to camera’s, and accessories that you are able to add to better your experience. The prices are bit pricey but the devices work wonderful and last forever.

mv3This VR camera is a really nice camera. It comes with a 2 sided lens camera. Their is no viewing lens. To view your pictures or recordings you need the VR headset. This camera comes with a tripod, suction cup for dashboard mode, remote for your wrist, SD mini card 16GB, and a ton of other fun little things to take the coolest VR pictures and videos. When you first start using the camera it is a little strange to use at first until you get used to it as you can not see what you are recording. When using the headset with it it makes it so much fun. This camera is also compatible with the 360 feature on FB and YT, which is super neat. There is a power button, video, and Wifi option on the top of the camera for easy access at any time. Takes about 6 hours or so to charge and lasts about a week on continuous use, or months for here and there use. There are extra add ons you can get for this

You can use this camera while you are on vacation, while you are biking, motorcycling, hiking, on water rides and so much more. My husband captured really neat pictures of a bird flying. It is amazing to see what this camera captures. You are also able to answer calls, listen to music, check out your videos from the VR camera, and many more fun features. This headset goes with the camera which helps you able to use the camera more easier and fun. The headset also has the 360 option on it as well, with the help of that APP. Able to slide in your phone into the front of it, to play games, watch VR movies, clips, and much more fun as well. The headset is very lightweight by itself, but with the phone added in, can make it a bit heavier, although the headset has very nice padding, comfortable fitting, with adjustable straps for all head shapes. It does take some time to get used to, but once you’re, you will forget you’re even wearing it. This can be used by itself or with the camera as well. mv2

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