Be prepared during rainy season

sr3It has been so rainy the past couple of weeks. I had an umbrella but when I opened it it was broken. I recently had received a shed rain umbrella. I was at my sons baseball game and it started to rain. I was so happy that I had put the umbrella in my car. The Shed Rain umbrella is nice vibrant colors. They have so many colors and patterns to choose from. These umbrellas are easy open and close. There is one button to open and close this umbrella. It opens easily with one push. No more struggling to open the umbrella and getting soaked. sr

When I was at my sons baseball game I watched as other parents opened their umbrellas and the metal was broken and the umbrella didn’t open properly or the whole entire side of the umbrella was collapsed and not even usable.

sr1Another great feature is the vented canopy. These umbrellas will not catch a gust of air and flip the wrong way. The compact umbrella is the perfect size. You can store it in your car or even your purse. It really doesn’t take up much room. It is light weight.sr2

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