Awaken your senses with Spring in a bottle

sos1Now that spring is almost here. I know that my skin is very dry from the cold weather. Softsoap’s new body washes are here to help re hydrate that winter skin. With new scents Honey Creme Lavender is a very soft soothing fragrance of cool lavender mixed lightly with honey. Lavander has always calmed me down and helped me get some rest. Blooming Jasmine and Plum is a burst of fruit  with lots of plum and just enough floral to smell like Spring in a bottle. Both of these body washes add moisture back into your skin. Leaving you soft and healthy glow after a shower. Want a to tale a nice bath after a long hard day. Simply add a little of the Honey creme lavender to your bath water. It is so relaxing and fresh.

sos2Looking for a stress-free way to kick off Spring Cleaning?  Refresh your shower routine with new floral fragrances from Softsoap Body Wash, inspired by today’s trending ingredients and crafted from real extracts of honey, lavender, jasmine and plum.  These luxurious fragrances will transform any shower into an invigorating sensory experience, leaving you clean, moisturized, and ready to tackle even the most daunting to-do list.


Please let me know if you’re interested in receiving samples or additional product information to review.


Currently available in two variants:

  • Honey Crème & Lavender
  • Blooming Jasmine & Plum


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