Wrap Up The Kids’ Parties With These Simple Tips

Party time can be chaotic and full of excitement. Or it could be organized, well-planned, and a pleasure to undertake. Not every parent wants to manage their children’s parties. It’s not surprising when you consider just how energetic a room full of kids can get! Whether you want to DIY the event or hand them over to a professional, here are some of the best ways to keep it simple yet fun:


Kids need to be entertained. They need something that will hold their attention and focus for long enough that you can get on with the catering. You can hire entertainers on an hourly rate, but remember they won’t necessarily perform for the full hour. And not every child will sit engaged and interested in what they have to do. If you’re planning an entertainer, make sure you have some ideas to keep the stragglers from missing out on the fun.



Sometimes it is easier to pay a restaurant chain to take care of the catering, especially when you have a lot of kids coming. We don’t all live in big houses with tables big enough for thirty! If you are taking all the children to an organized party like this, make sure you know what the rules are for any parents that insist on coming. You may have to pay per head regardless of age or food eaten. If you’re interested in the nutritional value of the food, you could check websites like calorieking.com. Also, check that the venue has formal party options, so you know they’ve managed this kind of situation before.


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Fun & Active

Some children need to let off a lot of steam, especially when they’re excited about a party. This is where something like a jumping castle or trampoline can be very handy. Certainly, the other parents will thank you if their kids come home a little quieter! Look at websites like KidsPartyCentre.com for ideas on the kind of jumping castles or inflatable obstacle courses you might be able to find. Active games are ideal for weekend parties when children tend to have a bit more energy.



Most kids will be quite forward in telling you about their ideas for a party theme. Finding the decorations to fit that theme isn’t always easy! Still, there are plenty of cheats, if you have some time. If you buy a magazine or comic book with their favorite characters, you can always cut out the images and stick them to a banner, bunting, or mural. Choose cups and plates in the color of the character’s outfit if you can’t find anything bearing their picture. As for the cake? Many bakeries can manage a photo transfer if you have an image to email them.


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Safety First

Not all parents will stay with their kids, especially for the longer parties. Make sure you have their cell number and their full name to hand before the start of the party so you can contact them. Also, ask about food and other allergies before they arrive, so you know what to avoid. Try not to do it all alone. Why not ask one of the other parents to help out? You can always return the favor for their child’s party.

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